Our Students Deserve Better

I’m a teacher with over a decade of education experience, and deeply believe educating the next generation is one of the most precious responsibilities we have as a society.

San Diego is America’s Finest City and ALL of our children deserve the finest education. But right now, that isn’t happening. Right now, your zip code too often determines the quality of your child’s teachers, the investment in your child’s classrooms, the amount of parental engagement in the school, your school’s graduation rate, the number of extracurricular programs and advanced classes available to your child, and how hard your child’s school will be hit by never-ending cycles of layoffs.

Right now, our students are exposed to lead in their drinking water, falsified data that funnels them in and out of programs they may not belong in, inconsistent discipline standards that disproportionally punish Latino and black students, bullying for their religious beliefs, gender identity, and sexual orientation, fear of school shootings, and some dangerous teachers who sexually abuse them but are not removed from the classroom.

Right now, the leadership of our schools is failing our students. This must change.

I am running for school board to bring integrity and problem-solving back to San Diego Unified. I’m running because our kids, and our communities, deserve better.I look forward to earning your support over the next few months, and working with you to improve the quality of education for ALL San Diego’s children.