A Fresh Vision for Chula Vista

The strength of Chula Vista comes from the unity of our neighbors. In simple moments, like helping carry your groceries; helping you start your car; or just smiling across the street. And in tougher moments, like bringing dinner to a homeless neighbor; cleaning up after a stormy winter or navigating our way through a scary new political reality that paints a target right on our city's back.

A community's spirit is shown through how we interact with one another-- and Chula Vista is the best community in the world.

As a life long Chula Vistan, I am grateful for the opportunities this community has given me and I am called to work to improve the lives of my neighbors. That’s why I became a teacher. I want to make a difference, to improve lives.

But I cannot ignore the systematic quality of issues that my students and their families face.

I am running for city council because Chula Vista needs fresh leadership and a strong vision to take us into the future. We are facing tough issues, and we need to stand up and meet the moment.

I hope to earn your support over the coming months. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out! I always love to hear from the community.

I can be reached at 619-734-9282 or vote@patrickmacfarland.com. 


Patrick MacFarland