Smart Economic Development

We all know that life in Southern California is too expensive for many families to make ends meet. Chula Vista is no exception to that.

Over the last decade, income has gone down and poverty has risen. Chula Vista has the 4th highest unemployment rate in the County. Almost 30,000 Chula Vistans are living in poverty, and over 80,000 live paycheck to paycheck. Because of a lack of good paying jobs, nearly one-third of Chula Vistans commute outside of the city to work every day.

We can start to address this issue by:

  • Create a Broadway Business Association and support the growth of the Third Avenue Village Association.

  • Support the growth of existing small businesses, and the creation of new ones.

  • Attract Chula Vista’s share of the brewing industry, through opening new breweries and getting tasting rooms and additional locations of existing breweries.

  • If CSU continues to pass up Chula Vista, we should focus on attracting a trade school, continuing education center, extension campus, or large corporation to the land set aside for the university.

  • Open up the bidding process for City projects & development to increase bids from local companies.

  • Pass Living Wage and Equal Pay ordinances for all contractors who do business with the city.

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