Infrastructure & Sustainability

District 2 is the place Chula Vista began. We must work to restore our neighborhoods while preserving our rich history. Focused development can be used to revitalize the District and create jobs.

Chula Vista voters have recently made an investment in our neighborhoods by passing Measure P. This money should be spent in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, while recognizing the unique needs of the older neighborhoods in the west compared to the mater planned neighborhoods in the east.

I will work tirelessly to:

  • Fight for District 2’s fair share of Measure P projects and focus infrastructure investment on improving quality of life.

  • Properly fund the needs of our police, fire, and other public safety infrastructure in order to keep our residents safe.

  • Work to reduce emergency response times.

  • Work with Otay Water District and the Sweetwater Authority to increase water recycling, conservation, desalination, and other ways to secure clean drinking water to keep up with population growth.

  • Build new libraries and parks to that all neighborhoods have equal access to public spaces and resources.

  • Increase our walkable, bikable, and public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and meet the needs of our increasingly fragile climate.

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