Homelessness & Housing Affordability

High cost of rent and low availability of affordable units causes many families to live paycheck to paycheck. Chula Vista has the highest homeless population in South County, leaving children, veterans, and persons with disabilities to fend for themselves on the streets.

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Additional incentives should be given to developers who go beyond the minimum required number of affordable units.

  • Priority approval should be given to affordable housing units rather than luxury condos.

  • A dedicated percentage of developer fees in lieu of affordable housing should be set aside for homelessness services.

  • Homelessness services should be switched to the Housing First model, which has been shown to save taxpayer money and decrease the population of chronically homeless individuals.

  • Identify properties where the City can join with NGOs to provide safe camping/parking that meets sanitation and sustenance needs of homeless individuals.

  • A Chula Vista specific survey of the homeless population would allow the City Council to identify the necessary resources to help each individual.

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