Accessible Government

Government is at its best when it is responsive to those it represents. We have seen at all levels that being closed off to residents leads to bad decision making, wasted tax dollars, and a lower quality of life.

I am dedicated to helping Chula Vista’s government work for you by:

  • Holding regular office hours and townhalls in rotating locations throughout the district to allow hear from constituents about the issues they are facing. I will also stream the townhalls digitially so that people with disabilities, transportation issues, or busy schedules can participate from wherever they are.

  • Continuing to knock on doors even after elected so that residents can address their concerns one on one in the convenience of their own homes.

  • Increasing use of social media and other technology to ensure residents are kept up to speed on policy issues and events.

  • Pressing the City to publish all City Council agendas and a record of every vote taken.

  • Increasing lobbying regulations so that residents can more closely follow the influence of special interests in City Hall.

  • Pressing the City to create an app where residents can report issues like potholes, water leaks, graffiti, etc. from their phones.

  • Moving toward a full time City Council (without a pay increase) that has more time to dedicate to constituent services.

Sign if you want more transparency in government. 

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Margaret Baker

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