About District D

Technically, every trustee on the San Diego Unified Board of Education is elected to represent the entire school district. However, voters in sub-districts nominate and vote for candidates in the primary election. In March 2020, Patrick MacFarland will appear on the ballot in Sub-District D.

Sub-District D includes schools & students in the neighborhoods of Mission Hills, Hillcrest, University Heights, North Park, South Park, Logan Heights, Barrio Logan, and parts of Downtown, Normal Heights, Kensington, and City Heights.

In November 2020, Patrick MacFarland will appear on the ballot in the entire school district, along with all other school board candidates.

This very undemocratic way of electing trustees creates an at-large system that allows community choices to be over turned by special interests. Outside groups spend large sums of money to target precincts outside the sub-district and manufacture victories for their preferred candidates. As a result, Trustees have not been answerable to the voters in the communities they are elected to represent.

Once elected to the school board, Patrick MacFarland will work to switch the Board of Education to sub-district only elections. Students, parents, and communities deserve a stronger voice iin the decisions made at San Diego Unified School District.