Meet Patrick

The son of two teachers, Patrick MacFarland joined his family legacy by pursuing a career in education. As an educator for over a decade, he has focused on empowering students to learn about and interact with their government-- with the belief that future generations of Americans should be taught to use their civic voices to create positive change in their communities. 

He has taught both Spanish and History as a full-time teacher and has been in education for more than ten years. His diversity of classroom experience has brought him face to face with some of the harshest realities of today’s education system: overcrowded, under-funded classrooms with underpaid teachers and vulnerable students who do not get the personalized education experience they need to thrive. 

Patrick’s family have dedicated themselves to the education of the children of San Diego since his great-grandmother helped desegregate Lemon Grove schools in 1930.  He frequently volunteers for community causes. Patrick received his bachelor's degree and teaching credential from SDSU. He speaks fluent English and Spanish.